Real Housewive's Angela Stone gets intimate with Matt and Jerry

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 12:09PM

Real Housewives of Auckland star Angela Stone admitted some unsavoury truths as she was grilled by Hauraki's Matt and Jeremy in their infamous Thank You For Your Honesty segment. 

The rapid fire quiz, which made international headlines last year when John Key admitted he urinated in the shower, has outed many a dark truth from Kiwi celebrities. 

This morning, Stone revealed she has been drunk this month, that she trims "downstairs" and that she was once caught stealing something from the supermarket, when she was 10.

But there was one question she didn't answer - because the hosts weren't brave enough to ask. 

Guests are normally asked whether they "feed the chickens" but the boys felt it wouldn't be appropriate to ask a lady such as Angela such an intimate question. And who says chivalry is dead!?