Real Housewife confirms relationship split

Spy News,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 5 October 2016, 3:52PM

Real Housewife of Auckland Angela Stone has confirmed she is officially single.

Last night’s episode saw things turn frosty between her and partner Kirk Hope, with the future of their relationship unclear.

However, this morning, Stone told ZM’s Fletch, Vaughn and Megan that she is officially single.

“Well guys, I’m kinda on the dating scene right now, I’m open and available so I’m actually thinking about running a competition,” she joked.

When asked if that meant her relationship was over, she said: “Relationships and people do change and you know this has been very confronting for our relationship which has definitely come to an end.”

“You know what, my ex is like ‘your programme, not my business’ so I’m like ‘okay, see ya later alligator.’”

Fair to say, Ms Stone is single and ready to mingle. Go get em girl!