Radio host’s real life horror movie moment

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017, 10:27AM
ZM's Fletch.
ZM's Fletch.

ZM’s Fletch has spoken out about his horrible scare in the middle of the night.

It all started off relatively innocently as he got out of bed for his early morning radio shift with Vaughan and Megan.

“This morning, my alarm goes off at 4.30 and I’m like ‘good morning Tuesday’ and I look at my notifications on my phone.

“Then I look over and there are some lights on from outside and I’m like ‘oh that’s weird, I’ve left the light on’… so I walked towards the bathroom and my front door is ajar. It’s like open 2 centimeters and the bathroom light is on.”

He continued: “I’m like, that’s weird I must have left the light on… explainable, that’s fine. And my front door, if I don’t lock it, because of the air pressure in the apartment building sometimes it will just pull it open.”

“My first thought is ‘oh my god is where is the cat? Where’s my cat?!’ Because if the door is open he could have easily just wandered away. So then I walk into the lounge to try and find my cat and think he’s gotta be in here, otherwise he’s gone and he wasn’t sleeping on my bed.”

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“He was on the couch and I look down and he’s just sitting there looking at me… and then I hear ‘tink, tink, tink’ (in the bathroom) and I’m like ‘what the hell is going on’.”

This is the part where it starts getting a little strange.

“Remember this is 4.30 in the morning! So I walk back towards the bathroom, I look in... and there’s a man in my bathroom… the tiler! Who has been doing renovations and he’s like ‘good morning!’”

“He’s like ‘I just thought I’d beat the traffic and get ahead on the work. I knew you wake up early so I just thought I’d come in.’”

“And I’m like …’ohhh cool man! I’m glad the work is getting done haha.’”  

Thank goodness it was only the tradie!