Radio host’s hate mail over excessive sexual content

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016, 8:24AM
Kerre McIvor. Photo / NZ Herald
Kerre McIvor. Photo / NZ Herald

Kerre McIvor isn’t afraid of tackling saucy topics, but her antics left one listener a little red in the face.

The Newstalk ZB host, who fronts an afternoon show with Mark Dye, received a letter from a listener saying they’d turned off their radio due to excessive sexual content.

Kerre, of course, read the letter out on air.

“You seem too hung up on sexual matters. Today it’s periods, contraception devices etc...Nothing seems to be a subject that you see as personal. Oh no, it’s all out there! Modesty is unknown to you.”

“Your listeners at this time of day are normally older people, not interested in these subjects anyway. But if Kerre can use the word ‘shag’ or ‘bonking’ so much better like a teenage boy. It seems to give you a thrill. But it’s a bit immature really.”

“Yes we know you love sex – as you’ve told us. What else from an exhibitionist? Grow up. You are no lady and you never have been.”

There was no name signed at the bottom of the letter, so the sender remains a mystery.

Mark and Kerre had a wee giggle and say they “encourage all feedback.”

Have a listen to the full clip.