Rachel Hunter's summer of love

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Saturday, 11 March 2017, 4:49PM
Rachel Hunter in NZ. Photo / Instagram
Rachel Hunter in NZ. Photo / Instagram

It’s been great to see one of our all-time favourite Kiwis spending a lot of time at home this summer, but it has been a bittersweet time for Rachel Hunter, as her mum battles cancer.

At Christmas, Rachel shared a heart-warming photo with her sister Jacqui and mother Jeneen on social media, with the caption: “Beautiful to be home for Christmas, with our Mum. She has been courageous this year.” It was accompanied by the hashtag “f*** cancer”.

Hunter has shared her journey back home over the past few months with her tens of thousands of social-media followers, highlighting our beautiful country. She’ has also expressed her pride in her children; son Liam Stewart for his ice hockey success and her daughter Renee, who modelled for Dolce & Gabbana last month.

Hunter has done some DIY for her mum and posted a photo of herself in a bikini at Pakiri Beach. She said her mum wanted her to post the pic, which could have been straight out of Sports Illustrated, and sent the internet into a spin.

This week Jacqui was back in Auckland and the sisters shared some hilarious Snapchats and Instagram photos on a road trip up north during the recent downpour.

Casual stroll in the bush 😂💦🌱

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Last one I Promise 😂🙏🏼😂

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Grasshopper .... 🌱What to do on a 💦 Day 😂🤣

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They did a drive-by of their old school Glenfield College, chowed down on fish burgers and went bush, with Hunter posting several videos of her falling over a boggy hill and climbing back through mud to the top. Hunter says: “Everything is totally fine”, laughing as she dusts herself off. Casey Green could see the deadpan humour. The wife of embattled former All Black Ali Williams re-posted the video, gaining love and support from celebrity friends such as Kathryn Wilson and Kate Hawkesby.

At 47, our Rach is proving more of an inspiration than ever. We wish her and her family the best.