Prime Minister’s pizza fail

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 12:20PM
PM Bill English. Photo / Facebook
PM Bill English. Photo / Facebook

Wow, just wow.

Our new Prime Minister has just revealed he’s a just a family man at heart, posting the ultimate Dad selfie.

Taking to social media, Bill English showed off his culinary prowess by cooking pizza for dinner.

In true Dad-style he took an epically awkward selfie with his creation, then proceeded to share the before and after pictures of the cheesy mess.

To make matters worse, he tried to engage his followers with the caption: “Cooked dinner for the family last night - like if you agree with tinned spaghetti on pizza!”

No, just no, Bill.

Many fans have commented on his post and questioned his choice of using spaghetti as a topping.

His reponse?

“I drained off some of the liquid but not quite enough since pizza was a bit soggy in the middle. Goes well with pineapple.”

In fact, the whole comment section is gold, with posts like these:

“Sorry Bill, any man who puts spaghetti on a pizza is not fit to run my country, you cannot count on my vote come election time.” 

And one of our favourites: “Bill please do not cook...