Politicians get Tickled pink

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 7:08AM
David Seymour and David Farrier. Photo / Instagram
David Seymour and David Farrier. Photo / Instagram

David Farrier took his documentary back to Wellington last night, where he managed to entertain MPs on both sides of the political divide.

Tickled, a film about so much more than competitive tickling, was the star of two Q&A screenings in the capital, the first of which was moderated by Act's David Seymour at the Light House Cinema.

Farrier told his Instagram followers he was "pretty thrilled" to have Seymour there.



The Tickled publicity train then moved on to the Roxy cinema, where Farrier posed with Green Party MP Gareth Hughes and right-wing blogger David Farrar – whom Farrier is often mistaken for on Twitter.

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"I love politics. Thank you Gareth Hughes and David Farrar for coming to see Tickled at the Roxy tonight," Farrier said. 

"Left and right, Greens and National, short and tall, we can all get along in this life, just tickle ok."




Tickled opens nationwide this Thursday.

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