Paul Henry’s daughter Bella finally finds a fella

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 9 October 2016, 10:04AM
Julyan Collett and Bella Henry. Photo / Instagram: @belllhenry
Julyan Collett and Bella Henry. Photo / Instagram: @belllhenry

The daughter of broadcaster Paul Henry has found love. Bella Henry didn’t just have her father in the audience for support at her bout with former bachelorette Nazanin Khanjani last weekend — her boyfriend, soccer player Julyan Collett, made his first high-profile appearance. Sitting together ringside, Collett and Henry looked on with concern as Khanjani took out the bout.

Bella, 24, who works in hair and make-up at TV3 was proud to have both of the men in her life in the audience and said Collet, 27, was a little media-shy.

The couple’s love story began nine years ago when they co-piloted an ice cream promo vehicle together.

“I fell in love with Julyan straight away, but I was way too young and had a lot of life to experience and growing up to do, ours is a long term love story.” Bella told Spy.

Eight years later when Collett moved from playing soccer in Christchurch back up to Auckland they gave romance a shot with an on-and-off-again relationship which culminated in April with Bella giving an ultimatum that if the relationship was to get serious, they were to take the leap and move in together.

“Julyan plays soccer for Waitakere, so we became westies and got a place together in Avondale.”

Does the handsome football player meet with dad Paul’s tick of approval? “He does indeed, he thinks Julyan has got his head screwed on right.” said Bella.

Will we see you back in the ring?

“Absolutely, I would love another shot, more prep time and more chances to show off the skills I have learned. I am sick of people saying good on you for giving it a shot — I wanted to win.”