Partying with Breakfast's Brodie Kane

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Thursday, 23 February 2017, 9:39PM
Brodie Kane. Photo / Supplied
Brodie Kane. Photo / Supplied

Breakfast sports presenter Brodie Kane has long been one of Spy's favourites on the social circuit.

Here she shares (amongst other things) her top hangover cure, her dream dinner guests, and where we’re most likely to find her at a party.

Q. What is your go-to party outfit?

It's usually a party top and some party jeans (which is actually just a top and jeans) that can go from the daytime to the night-time. It pays to be versatile.


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Q. But what item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

I'm a bit addicted to Adidas sneakers so they get a good run. Also, my elephant pants from Bali are the best thing ever for lounging around in.

Q. Where are you normally found at a party?

Chewing someone's ear off or cutting some mean as shapes on the dance floor.

Q. What song never fails to get you up and dancing?

John Farnham's The Voice and Rihanna's We Found Love. Two polar opposite songs which highlight my passion for all sorts of party music.

Q. If you had to do karaoke, what tune would you most likely sing?

I have never done karaoke before, and I don't intend to start. No one deserves to hear that.

Q. When leaving a party, are you most likely to:

a) Say goodbye to everyone before heading out the door?
b) Ghost out of there without saying goodbye to anyone?
c) Be the last one standing and therefore the last one to leave?

If it's not B, it’s C. Like, one extreme or the other.

If I'm tired, I always ghost, but I do let my friends know, but just by saying "Home." If I'm on form, I'll be there until the bitter end.


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Q: Early Breakfast starts probably mean there aren't many hangovers these days – but what is/was your best hangover cure?

A Blue Powerade and KFC Wicked Wings.

Q: Which other Breakfast presenter are you most likely to invite over for a dinner party?

You know what, they're all invited, those outstanding humans! And thanks, because you've given me an idea.

Q: Which overseas celebrity would you most like to invite to that dinner party?

Oh, there are so many people I would love to invite, but right at this point at time it would have to be Barack and Michelle Obama – I think they'd make epic guests.

Q: And what signature dish would you be making for those dinner party guests?

Brodie's signature homemade pizzas. Can't tell you what's on them, because it’s top secret. (This is really just a cop out because I'm nearly at the final question and my creativity is running thin.)

Q: Whereabouts in Auckland do you take out-of-town friends or family that you really want to impress?

Depot for dinner, Prego for lunch and Mary's for breakfast.

Q: On Friday nights, you'll usually find me at...?

Either in my elephant pants at home on the couch, or at Mr Tom's on Ponsonby Road.

Q: And on Saturday mornings, you'll usually find me at...?

From this Saturday, at the gym because I'm shredding for RnV (bahahahaha).