Olympic uniform fashion - the winners and losers

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Friday, 1 July 2016, 2:23PM
New Zealand Olympic uniform. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
New Zealand Olympic uniform. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

The New Zealand Olympic team’s uniform was launched with much aplomb at a The Olympic Gala dinner on Wednesday night at SkyCity in Auckland. So what better time to rate the efforts of the top five countries.

New Zealand

With a drop crotch in the track pants, our team has a hint of the Biebs. Overall the Shane Hansen designed uniforms are smart. The Silver Fern coming out of the Olympic Rings is a nice touch.  Commentators have called the uniform a little meh, we agree, its not ground breaking. The use of Adidas colours, that could be seen instore were a little bit of a sell out. However, the addition of the Fred Dagg black singlet is genius - we only hope the many gold medal winning medalists that win in it keep track of them for Te Papa to buy the real deal in 50 years. 

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We are huge preppy fans and Ralph Lauren did it way before Abercrombie and Fitch. Does it work for a respectable Olympic uniform, YES. It is sexy, sporty and with the huge USA emblazoned everywhere the patriotic country will be able to be spotted a mile away. The white trousers won’t be a bonus if any of the team get food poisoning and Lauren has confused a couple of things. The belt that goes with said trousers looks British and the striped t-shirt looks French.

Great Britain


English designer Stella McCartney teamed up with Adidas in creating the Olympic uniform for Great Britain. She told Vogue that she fought to create a new coat of arms to combine into the team’s gears.
The new coat of arms is sexy even after the Brexit vote. We like the inclusion of black into the colour scheme of the active wear, it’s like they gave NZ a nod. McCartney modelled a 3/4 red coat, white shirt and black fitted trousers at the uniform launch in March. Where was the coat of arms? Hopefully we will see it on the blazers at the opening ceremony.


In another nod to New Zealand, Giorgio Armani continued its collaboration with CONI, Italy’s National Olympic committee in creating the Italian team’s Olympic threads in all black with a touch of white. It’s actually dark Armani midnight blue, but it could confuse a few people in night track and field events. The Italian flag, which appears tiny on the uniform, could have been used bigger and better with its green red and white emblem. The use of a huge number 7 in the white EA7 logo, looks like they have a team of rugby openside flankers.


The Australians look like they are going for a paler version of their national colours, not a good omen before they start competing. The Sportscraft designed uniform, looks like they are off to public school in England, pairing down their ocka identity even more. Again we have the inclusion of white shorts, fingers crossed for them here. Their sunglasses are a saviour as are their TOMS shoes