Norrie’s shoot with the Housewife

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 25 September 2016, 9:11AM
Angela Stone. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Angela Stone. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

After an explosive week on The Real Housewives of Auckland some calm returns the show this week in the form of Spy’s very own Norrie Montgomery.

Montgomery — one of New Zealand’s master celebrity photographers — has been at most of the social events the women have attended since the reality show premiered last month.

When he was approached by Angela Stone to shoot her new book cover he knew he could put to rest Michelle Blanchard’s controversial “plus size model” comment and Louise Wallace’s “big unit” description of the model and fashion stylist.

Norrie recommended a villa in Kumeu and met Stone and the film crew there early last month.

“I arrived and there was a big rack of clothing; the book is called Being Real and I wanted that from Angela, so I said no to most of the clothes on the rack,” he revealed. “I wanted something classic.

“After shooting her in a slip on the bed I chose a Zambesi men’s shirt on the rack and I said put that on. She asked with what, and I said ‘just the shirt love’. I shot her on a chaise lounge in the master bedroom and she looked amazing.”

Then things got real.

“Off the bedroom there is an amazing bathroom with an incredible bath. I suggested Stone hop in. The crew loved the idea, but Angela needed some convincing and had an entourage to hold towels around her as she hopped into the bubbles.”

You can see from our cover shot she looks amazing.

We won’t reveal what shot makes the book’s cover, but Norrie did add that the crew were like ghosts, not directing him at all. And fair enough too — the man is a pro!