Nicky stands by Pete over sunscreen scandal

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016, 12:12PM
Pete Evans and Nicola Robinson Evans. Photo / Instagram
Pete Evans and Nicola Robinson Evans. Photo / Instagram

Paleo Crusader and MKR Australia judge Pete Evans has come under fire this week for telling his Facebook followers not to wear toxic sunscreen and the importance of gaining vitamin D from being out in the sun.

All hell let loose in the Australian media, with Evans being accused of irresponsible behaviour.

Saxon Smith, a councillor for the Australian Medical Association in New South Wales, said of Evans: “Australia still has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and for someone with such a high profile to be talking such rubbish is purely irresponsible.” 

Yesterday morning Evans told radio show 2Day FM his quotes had been taken out of context and he was just trying to share the truth.

“I never said ‘don’t use it’, I just said ‘choose wisely’,” he argued with the show’s hosts. 

“I definitely give advice that people should get out into the sun and get a daily dose of vitamin D without burning. Is it not also intelligent or smart to actually question what we are rubbing on our kids’ faces and bodies? For sun protection." He added.

Evans said he wears a non-toxic sunscreen.

Last night Evans' new wife, former Kiwi model Nicola Robinson Evans, came into the battle to give thanks.

“I have felt so many kind, compassionate hearts surrounding us for the last couple of days & I feel compelled to say that both Pete & I feel so blessed & ever so humbled to have many extraordinary friends standing side by side us on this journey, many of whom we have never even met in the flesh. I heartily wish for you all to know that we appreciate & cherish your friendships endlessly, & we feel so very thankful & inspired by your willingness to support lives of purpose. We are far from perfect, but everyday presents an opportunity for us to learn, let go, teach & grow, & we wholeheartedly believe that we are all collectively in this together, & sharing knowledge & wisdom, from a place of love is so very crucial at this time! There’s just no need for fear filled name calling or slander, just mature conversation between truth seeking, authentic people whose combined, core driving force is to create a better life for all, is ideal #standinyourtruth#standinyourauthenticity#standinyourlight” Robinson Evans posted to Instagram.

Evans also stood behind his comments yesterday.

“Nope, I’m not hiding from the Sun, I’m respecting it, by not staying out long enough to burn and yup I’m wearing a non toxic sunscreen specifically for surfing too! Thanks you funk’n sneaky media & all you misinformed people trying to twist the story to create fear and drama, because in actual fact you’ve spread the good message further... Read labels folks, learn about what’s in your food, what’s in your sunscreen, your skincare, your haircare, your water and most importantly, please wise up as to what you’re putting on or into your precious children! At the end of the day I’m just a passionate family man trying to do my best by my family and I’m openly sharing our journey! ‪#‎standinyourtruth ‪#‎seekknowledge ‪#‎barrelhunter” He posted to his facebook page.

Last year Evans came under fire for a controversial recipe in his baby paleo cookbook, Bubba Yum Yum: The recipe was a baby formula made from blended livers, bone broth and oils.