Newsreaders make another mistake

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 8:25AM

Hilary Barry and Amanda Gillies wore the same outfit yesterday - but it appears their wardrobe fail wasn't a one-off.

Breakfast's Barry and The AM Show's Gillies both wore a design by Auckland label Ingrid Starnes during their morning broadcasts yesterday.

HIlary Barry and Amanda Gillies wore the same Ingrid Starnes top during Monday's broadcast.

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To avoid the same mistake, Barry tweeted Gillies with a photo of her outfit at 5am today, saying: "I'm going with green this morning."

Unfortunately, Gillies replied that she was wearing the exact same colour.

She posted a selfie and said: "I'm not kidding."

Barry soon saw the funny side, saying: "Someone's going to have to put on a jacket!"

Breakfast's weather presenter Matty McLean soon jumped into the action, saying "ladies we talked about this two hours ago".

On Monday, Auckland-based designer Ingrid Starnes said she'd had plenty of interest in her top, but it was nearly sold out and only available in small sizes.

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She was pleased her $159 blouse had appeared on two different networks at the same time.

"It's always exciting to see our pieces worn so well by women at the top of their industry, and it's really great that the local networks support local design."