Naz's new relationship takes off

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Thursday, 4 August 2016, 10:12PM
Craig Sutherland and Naz Khanjani. Photo / Twitter.
Craig Sutherland and Naz Khanjani. Photo / Twitter.

It's been just five days since former Bachelor contestant Naz Khanjani went public with her relationship with Craig Sutherland - and what an action packed week it's been. 

The couple have now left New Zealand for their first holiday together - escaping the constant messages that have inundated the pair since news of their relationship broke. 


On Monday, it was revealed Sutherland, who describes himself as a North Shore businessman, also moonlights as a stripper for All Star Strippers. 

The couple have been busy posting regular updates about their relationship on social media - with Khanjani introducing Sutherland to her friends, who reportedly gave Sutherland their tick of approval.

The couple, who are clearly smitten, regularly post on one another's Facebook pages, with Sutherland calling Khanjani his "goddess".