Naz steps into the world of competitive bodybuilding

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 21 January 2017, 3:46PM
Naz Khanjani. Photo / Norrie Montgomery
Naz Khanjani. Photo / Norrie Montgomery

Former Bachelorette Nazanin Khanjani is leaving 2016 behind her and is focused on a strong mind and body in 2017.

The 26-year-old who fought for love in the Bachelorette house and made her boxing debut has turned her attention to the competitive world of bodybuilding.

Khanjani had a fortuitous meeting with successful Auckland businessman and mentor Daniel Parsonage — one of three directors of Snap Fitness, Queenstown — at the end of last year, which has now enabled her to take her hobby into the professional arena.

The fitness fanatic turned to body building not long after winning her debut fight last October against Bella Henry.

“What started as a hobby has turned into my No 1 passion,” Khanjani told Spy. “When I got advice from Daniel, it was the support network I needed to have the confidence to help me turn pro, realising that passion, brand and work would all come together for me.

“A year ago I was looking for love. 2017 is all about perfecting me — I come first, not being in a relationship — and the satisfaction and results I get from hard work at the gym is fantastic, the self-discipline involved and hard work are as good for the mind as they are for my body.

“Last week I got 800 messages from girls wanting advice on strength and nutrition, I am trying to answer them all.”

She is now planning to start a blog to share her new passion and answer questions from her followers.

“Teaching and sharing this passion is certainly part of my new career direction.”

Khanjani will appear in her first bodybuilding competition, the IFBB, in Auckland in March.

She cancelled a family reunion with her dad in Canada over the holidays, such is her determination to be ready for the big reveal.

“I flow between 9 and 5 work-outs per fortnight, I listen to my body and I know when I am tired. I am lucky my body is like a machine when it comes to its metabolism, however every 3-4 hours I eat to keep it high as well a pre work-out drink and protein powder after training. I also take amino acids after each session.”

Parsonage said he was impressed with Khanjani’s work ethic. His team were helping her with training and nutrition programmes.

“The team down there will be training and supporting her with nutrition and work-outs through her first comp and beyond. I like to take a gamble and Naz always seems to win,” he said.

Nazanin posed exclusively for Norrie Montgomery this week.