MKR newlyweds reveal shock marriage split

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 30 September 2017, 4:41PM
Chris and Bex Wright.
Chris and Bex Wright.

There’s less reality TV love in the airwaves over on TVNZ 2, with MKR newlyweds Chris and Bex Wright calling time on their marriage.

 The pair skipped hand in hand as they led the teams into the first home restaurant of Rotorua friends’ Hera Waitai and Tash Whitewood  when the show debuted last Monday.

As other teams sniped and griped at the food, Chris, 35 and Bex, 32 were positive, fair and very in love. But there were signs of trouble at the season launch at TVNZ a few weeks ago, when Chris wasn’t sure whether he should be photographed with his wife.

 We went to the couple and asked what went wrong and when did they call it quits? Did the MKR pressure in the kitchen reveal gaps in their relationship? The couple had no comment for Spy, but a TVNZ spokesman told us:

“We love having Chris and Bex as part of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. Audiences will know them as the newlyweds from Wanaka but we can confirm that since filming the show their situation has changed.

“Viewers will still be able to enjoy the couple on screen and watch their journey as they battle it out in the kitchen with the other contestants.”

The pair met seven years ago and married in 2015 in a classic outdoor South Island ceremony. Chris said on MKR it was love at first sight for him, while Bex says he won her heart through food. On the prospect of winning the show and $100,000 prize money, she said: “When we are together we can’t fail.”

The pair dreamed of becoming private chefs for holidaymakers  in Wanaka.

Sources tell Spy they called it quits two months ago and  there is  little chance of them getting back together, but they are on good terms. They are braving the show as friends and on Monday night hosted a screening of the first episode at the Trout Bar in Wanaka.

On Tuesday Chris posted to social media: “Thank you so much for everyone who turned up yesterday to watch the first episode of My Kitchen Rules. Your support was massively appreciated and in return Bex Wright and myself were able to make a small donation to Kahu Youth. Thank you Trout Bar!”

As one couple split on reality TV, could another couple emerge from around the MKR table? Spy hears soccer boy Jaryd Gray and student Charlotte Brown don’t just flirt around the table, but have been out on a few dates.

We can see contenders for the newly announced TVNZ reality show Heartbreak Island, where 20 singles travel to a tropical island to see who finds love and wins $100k. Easier than a cooking competition perhaps?