Millie Elder-Holmes reveals new love

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017, 4:46PM
Millie and Kosta. Photo / Instagram
Millie and Kosta. Photo / Instagram

Millie Elder-Holmes has found love after the tragic death of her partner Connor Morris, opening up about her new relationship in a blog post. 

In the post, Millie writes about her new partner, saying she never expected to love again.

My partner’s name is Kosta. I met him on the island of Lesvos where my dad lives and I spend my summers. Because Molyvos is a small village of around 1500 people, it’s a very close community so most of the people in the village know each other, but I used to go and eat at the pizza restaurant that he worked at with my girlfriends and that’s how I first got to know him.”

Tired eyes and all the flight dramas possible, but we arrived #OneNightInHongKong

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The pair, who recently visited New Zealand together, began spending time together last year.

“Finding love again was definitely not something I expected. I didn’t think I was meant to have love after losing Connor, and I struggled with that for a long time. I didn’t want to meet anyone, I hated the idea of someone else coming into my life.

“It was really out of the blue how it happened and I was very conflicted about it for the first months.”

Goodbye New Zealand 🇳🇿!!

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Millie also wrote that Morris’ parents have supported her new relationship.

I can’t speak for them but I can imagine it’s very difficult for them to see me with someone else and I felt very awkward and guilty about that in the beginning. I think what you have to understand is that everyone is still hurting a lot, change is very hard to deal with when you are also dealing with grief. But they have been, and continue to be, so amazing to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They are all such amazing, caring and loving people and I feel so blessed to be able to call them my family.”

🐶⚡️oh Bella

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Connor Morris died in 2014 after he was struck in the back of the head with a scythe-like tool in West Auckland.

Previously, Millie has spoken about how Morris helped her turn her life around and beat her addiction to P.