Millie calls her younger self ‘a snobby princess bitch’

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Monday, 2 October 2017, 10:09AM
Millie Elder Holmes. Photo / Instagram
Millie Elder Holmes. Photo / Instagram

Millie Elder Holmes says she’s an ambassador for ‘self-love and acceptance’ and has recently bared all in a Facebook Live video she posted to her Clean Eatz NZ page.

In the anonymous Q&A session, Millie shares some personal information about her younger self. 

When a fan asks what her favourite thing about herself is, she answers:

“Probably my ability to have changed my mind set because when I was young I was a real bitch. Like straight up.”

“I’m not going to lie about it. I was a f**king little bitch. Like a little snobby princess bitch. And I used to judge people a lot.”

“Then after I went through my addiction and all of my really embarrassing things publicly… I learnt how to eat a little bit of humble pie and I understood how it felt to have people be mean to you on such a huge scale and now I really empathize for others and how they feel so that’s my favourite thing about myself.”

“If someone is being mean to me, I just don’t think ‘oh you’re a c**t’, I think, ‘okay this person is obviously going through something’ and it’s not for me to like then lash back out to them.”

Another person asks Miss Elder-Holmes if she lives off money from her father, the late Paul Holmes.

“Honestly this question is a little bit shitty. I’m not going to lie, whoever wrote this. I am not a trust fund baby. My dad didn’t leave me any money when he died. All of his money actually went into a trust. There was a story in the NZ Herald about it.” 

“But yeah I actually monetised my blog two or three years ago and I make my own money. So yeah, I don’t live off my dad.”

Millie says she will be “back in New Zealand from December onwards and then back for the Greek summer next year.”