Mike Puru thinks he's still The Bachelor host

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Friday, 13 January 2017, 10:59AM

Mike Puru has reprised his role as the The Bachelor host for an appearance on a children's television program this week.

Puru hosted two seasons of the reality dating show before Mediaworks announced in November that he would be replaced by Dominic Bowden in the upcoming third season. 

He took it hard at the time, telling The Spinoff: "It's embarrassing. It makes you look like a failure, and that's the hardest thing for me to deal with really". But he seems to be taking it in his stride now.

Puru did a tongue-in-cheek take on The Bachelor on Kiwi kids program The Moe Show as the puppet pals aimed to teach Kiwi kids all about flowers.  

He first appears cutting the stems off roses when Fern the Fairy asks if she can borrow them. He responds: "Sorry, I actually need these for tonight", explaining that they're "for a very important ceremony".

Later, Puru teaches Fern how to dye roses using food colouring, before gifting her a blue rose which she can then either keep or give to someone else. 

"But if you do that," he adds, switching to Bachelor mode, "I want you to think about who you're going to give it to. In fact, Fern, how about I give you a moment?"

The episode then cuts to the above montage of Fern thoughtfully looking at roses between romantic fade transitions, hitting peak Bachelor.

Perhaps the best part though is when Fern gives her rose to the star of the show, Moe, saying: "Will you accept this rose?" 

"Of course," he says, to which she responds, "Don't mention it".

No awkward parties, helicopter rides, hit lists or trips to Hawaii here. It's no wonder The Moe Show is the kids' program fast becoming a favourite for adults too.