Mike Hosking just lived through his worst nightmare

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 9:36AM

The Vac-Gate saga has come to it's dirty conclusion, with Mike Hosking having to endure his worst nightmare in order to get his beloved Dyson vacuum cleaner back.

Last week, ZM's afternoon hosts Jase and PJ kidnapped Hosking's vacuum cleaner after a dispute broke out between his fellow Newstalk ZB hosts.

Yesterday, in order to get it back, Hosking had to endure a ride in PJ's 1996 Toyota Corolla - and the results were hilarious.

"Is this seriously your car? Are you ashamed of it?" luxury car enthusiast Hosking quipped as their trip began. The ride was a big comedown from what the radio host is used to, who typically drives around in the latest model Ferrari.

Mike Hosking slams 'losers' behind vacuum cleaner theft
Radio DJs at war over Hosking's vacuum cleaner 

Once the journey got underway, Jase revealed the vacuum cleaner. Hosking, despite previously saying he had an endless supply of Dysons, admitted to the radio hosts he had missed it.

"Can you hook PJ and I up with a Dyson?" Jase asked.

"I can hook you up with a Dyson if you promise the first thing you do with this is clean up this shitbucket of a car," Hosking replied.

Hosking and Jase exchanged numerous jibes throughout the car ride, with Jase asking if the Seven Sharp host spent his Friday nights "burning $50 notes... for shits and giggles", while Hosking revealed he had to google who the two were.

They even got a call from PJ's mum, Ange, who told Hosking she didn't watch TV but appreciated what he did.

"That doesn't come across as particularly authentic, does it?" Hosking said.

While the three-minute video is a true delight, fans shouldn't expect a sequel any time soon. When asked if he would ever come on their show again, Hosking told the pair "I would have to think no at this point" before screaming "Turn here, I want to get out!"

This morning, Hosking shared a video of him reunited with his trusty Dyson, shown testing it out in the ZB studio once again.

Hopefully it doesn't trigger anymore drama for the Newstalk team. The Vac-Gate debacle started when Hosking left it in the studio, drawing the ire of his fellow hosts.

PJ and Jase stole the Dyson last week and sent a ransom video to Hosking before taking it on a trip with them to New Plymouth.