Michelle Blanchard’s mother speaks out against racism

Spy News,
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 3:20PM

As tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Auckland is set to get nasty, Michelle Blanchard’s mother has shared some words of wisdom.

As previously reported, controversy broke out after Julia Sloane referred to fellow housewife Michelle Blanchard, who is of English and Jamaican descent, as a "boat n*****" during a filming session on a luxury yacht in Queensland.

The incident is due to appear in tonight's episode and has seen lawyers as Sloane tried to prevent the moment going to air.

This afternoon, Blanchard shared her mother Rajan’s thoughts about the incident in a social media post.

“In my eyes there's no colour, I take every person exactly as they are, and I have taught my daughter to do the same. We are from a multi cultural family and forgiveness has always been my family value love and unity. Be proud of who you are and stand up for what you believe is right and don't care about the haters, stand up for your culture from Rajan, Michelle's mother.


Wise words indeed.