Melanie Lynskey 'on a role'

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Thursday, 13 July 2017, 10:11AM
 Melanie Lynskey. Photo / Getty
Melanie Lynskey. Photo / Getty

This September Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey hits the big screen here in Kiwi movie The Changeover, the film adaptation of Margaret Mahy’s young adult novel of the same name.


It will be the biggest Kiwi movie for Lynskey since her break-out role with Kate Winslet in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures.


The LA-based star had one door close and another open last week when her Netflix show Girlboss was not renewed for a second season. However the girl famous for being a stalker on Two and a Half Men has been cast as the lead in a TV series from two of Hollywood’s most famous and thrilling creators.


Lynskey, 40, will star opposite Andre Holland in upcoming psychological horror drama series Castle Rock from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King.


Set in the King multiverse, Castle Rock is named after the fictional town in King’s native Maine that features prominently in a number of his hit novels.


Lynskey will play Molly Strand, a woman with a rare medical condition who is barely scraping by as a real estate agent in a town where every third property is the site of someone’s worst nightmare. Holland plays Henry, a death row attorney with a unique and complicated history.


Also cast in the drama are Sissy Spacek and Jane Levy.