Megan Sellers: A taste of motherhood

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 12:23PM

ZM breakfast host Megan Sellers deals with sleepless nights and toilet training.

Motherhood is hard!

I have always thought that if/when I become a Mum I would continue my commitment to high heels, always do my hair and makeup before leaving the house, and my social life wouldn’t suffer. I will be cool and calm, wouldn’t let my house be turned upside down, and my child would work in with my lifestyle.

Well, I have merely scraped the tip of the iceberg and I am not afraid to admit defeat…

I am a Mum to a two month old puppy, Leo. Now before I start, I would like to point out, without being blood relatives, or in fact, the same species, I love this little guy like a child. We refer to him as our son and three weeks in I can’t imagine my life without him.

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But how the hell do Mums cope with getting up repeatedly at night?! Yes, Dads you are included in this – let's use ‘Mum’ as a lose term for those who have young ones, cause equal rights, am I right?

My alarm goes off at 4am so sleep is a precious commodity, but Leo doesn’t know that. He cries usually three times at night and I can’t be sure if it’s for cuddles, for toilet time, or just because he's bored. I have found myself wrapped in a jacket sitting on the floor, tapping his puppy pad at 2am saying, ‘quick quick’ - his toilet cue, counting down the minutes till my alarm is set to go off.

I have had those ‘guilt moments’ too! I left him alone for too long and he got his foot caught and let out a blood-curdling yelp. I felt terrible, like I had physically hurt the little guy myself. I literally have to watch him 24/7 and sometimes he doesn’t want to play ball. He bites my fingers, my toes, my shoes, my bare feet, my pyjamas. Like, give a girl a break!

Oh, and RIP naps! If, by chance, I get him to fall asleep, it is usually on me, and when I put him down, he either decides it playtime or he cries incessantly.

Yes, I realize he is a dog, but by God have I had a taste of what Mums have to deal with, and a tip o' the hat to you!

Let’s bring it back with a positive. I have always wondered why people get upset leaving their babies at home when they go on holiday, or even out for dinner… Like, get out and let loose! You’re baby free, celebrate!! We left for a weekend away and demanded constant updates on his food/toilet ratio. Every time we got a Snapchat we sat down together and watched the videos of our wee boy each ending with an ‘awww’ or ‘he’s so big’, ‘I hope he hasn’t forgotten us?’ Get a grip!

So here I am, waving the white flag, offering my congratulations and condolences to those out there with babies, you are truly superhuman, especially those with more than one.