Married at First Sight: Celebrity edition

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 29 April 2017, 2:51PM
We think Naz and Malakai would make a great couple.
We think Naz and Malakai would make a great couple.

Those looking for love might be rushing to apply for the first Kiwi version of Married at First Sight, but Spy reckons to spice things up, the show should add a celebrity pairing. Here’s who we think would make great TV:

Dominic Bowden and Ally Thompson


If The Bachelor, Zac Franich, is keeping Karina Grant the ex-girlfriend of the show’s host Bowden around, we can’t see why a Franich cast-off couldn’t be his bride, and we reckon this week’s lovely rose-less Bachelorette Ally Thompson would be a great choice.

Bowden told Woman’s Day last week he’s looking for love, and obviously so is Thompson. And like Thompson, Bowden’s former wife Claire Robbie is a yoga expert, so that’s two things in common.

Sally Ridge and Marc Ellis


Both are former TV stars and Ellis was once besties with Ridge’s ex Matthew. Julie Christie would be the perfect marriage celebrant. Viewers could share in Ellis and Ridge’s instant realisation at the altar — ‘Why didn’t we think of this in the 90s?’

They’ve both been a bit quiet lately, so such an appearance would boost their profiles. And maybe real estate agent Ridge can help with any of Ellis’ future property disputes.

Max Key and Tiffany Trump


The Don’s youngest daughter is not married yet and what a lovely match she and Key would make. Key can show Trump Omaha and Trump can show Key Mar-a-Lago. Key can show Trump how he mastered the art of becoming famous when his dad was in office and their wedding is bound to help Key’s fledgling Vlogging career. A regram from Trump with her new husband could certainly give Key’s insta followers a hike.

David Seymour and Nikki Kaye


MMP can bring on all sorts of strange marriages. If Act leader and Epsom MP Seymour and National MP for Auckland Central Kaye met at the altar it would do more for both parties than any cup of tea. Neither has been married before and both MPs would bask in each other’s political spotlight. The cost of accommodation in Wellington would be halved so there’s a win for the taxpayer. Before we know it, they could be co-Prime Ministers.

Malakai Fekitoa and Nazanin Khanjani


Two BIG reasons for the union of All Black Malakai Fekitoa and former bachelorette Nazanin Khanjani — viewership and their shared love for showing off the body perfect on social media. Other All Blacks have shown that a black jersey and a former reality star can put the word “power” in a couple.

If the pair find love in the experiment, they can teach each other how to get the best selfie and if that doesn’t keep them together, spotting each other at the gym, certainly will.