Lorde's taxi driver freaks out

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Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 9:49AM

Lorde says her Uber driver was so busy freaking out about a previous celebrity customer he didn't realise he had another celeb sitting in his back seat.

The chart-topping Kiwi pop star took to Twitter early this morning to live-tweet a strange Uber experience she was having.

She didn't say who the other celeb might have been, but her series of tweets dripped with a sense of irony.

She wrote: "Uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a 'celebrity passenger' just before me.

"I can tell our ride, by comparison, sparkles significantly less for him."

She finished by saying: "I can feel it from the back seat, his dazed glow. He's probably now pretending that I am not here, that they are still together, and alone."

Lorde is currently in America recording her second album, the follow-up to her 2013 debut Pure Heroine.

She recently admitted she'd made a breakthrough in recording after going bush and spending three days on her own.