Lorde teases creepy new song

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017, 3:16PM
Lorde. Photo / Instagram
Lorde. Photo / Instagram

Our star Lorde has just casually posted a snippet of what sounds like an unreleased track on social media.

The clip sounds a lot like the second half of Hard Feelings / Loveless from her second album Melodrama.

It also sounds a little bit like a creepy kid in a horror movie but we’re feeling it, nonetheless.

The Grammy award winner can be heard singing in the clip: “I just want your love, I just want your heart-breaking love.”

Have a listen:

We are hoping this is a teaser for another track which will release soon!

We bet Lorde’s got a tonne of voice memos and unused tracks laying around that could make for a whole new album.

Fingers crossed.