Lorde admits stalking Kiwi radio star

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Friday, 3 March 2017, 12:29PM

Lorde released her new single Green Light to the world today – but she was more interested in talking about her “unhealthy obsession” with Vaughan Smith’s family.

It turns out the Grammy-winning superstar is a little bit in love with the ZM host’s family and his two daughters, Indie and August.

Speaking to ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan, the star veered off topic from her new single to confess her strange obsession, even calling herself a stalker.

“Vaughan – I feel like everything’s changed since I started following you and your lovely wife on Instagram… I’m a stalker. Please call the authorities on me any time because I have this unhealthy obsession with your family and your children. They are the greatest little people of all time. They are truly wonderful. I doubt they even care about anything to do with me but tell them I said hi and I am their biggest fan.”

When Smith asked if Lorde was available for babysitting, the singer couldn’t hide her excitement.

“I’m going to play it cool right now but I cannot wait to meet them. I’m unhealthily obsessed. They’re just so cool."

Smith’s co-hosts questioned Lorde’s babysitting credentials but the singer was quick to sell herself.

“I have a lot of babysitting experience because I have younger siblings,” she explained. “I was a very fun babysitter... I was known to do baking with kids.”

Smith offered to pay the star $15 per hour, plus the promise of a fridge full of snacks.

“I want Squiggles,” said Lorde, revealing her love of the iconic Kiwi biscuit. “And I’m really into those Marmite bagel chips. I highly recommend them.”