Lizzie Marvelly's judging debut on a cappella show

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 22 April 2017, 5:16PM
Matt Gifford, Lizzie Marvelly and John Rosser.
Matt Gifford, Lizzie Marvelly and John Rosser.

Next Sunday, Spy predicts a new star will be born in the form of The Naked Choir host Jeff Hunkin. We also predict the new TVNZ 1 show will be a hit for musical fans and anyone who loved Glee or the movie Pitch Perfect.

The a cappella singers will face some tough judging in the form of songstress Lizzie Marvelly, who sits on the show’s jury, deciding the fate of the competitors. She is flanked by successful bass singer Matt Gifford and New Zealand choir veteran John Rosser.

It was like coming home for Marvelly, who, as well as being a successful musical artist, has also become known for voicing her strong opinion, including in her Weekend Herald column.

Marvelly says filming the show was fun and she enjoyed working with her fellow jurors, but it was the wide-ranging talent that proved the ultimate reward.

“There were moments in the show when you’d see raw talent emerging during a performance, and it was really exciting. A number of our groups were made up of young people from around the country who are just starting out, so I think people at home will really enjoy following their journeys,” Marvelly told Spy.

“There are Kiwis from all different backgrounds competing in this show. We even had a group of teenagers from Te Puke, whom I loved.

“I was reminded while we were filming, of my years in amateur musical theatre in Rotorua — there’s a strong love for music and theatre in the provinces especially, and I think Kiwis will love seeing people just like them up there on stage just giving it a go.”

However, judging musical talent did not come easy, with Marvelly admitting to still being tortured by some of the decisions she had to make in sending people home.

“I hope that all of our contestants continue on in one form or another. Their deep love of music really moved me.

“If I sang a cappella it would be Amazing Grace or He Honore. There are some melodies that are so beautiful that they need no accompaniment.”