KJ Apa wants you to call him 'Daddy'

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Thursday, 17 August 2017, 3:57PM
Kiwi Riverdale star KJ Apa. Photo / Getty Images
Kiwi Riverdale star KJ Apa. Photo / Getty Images

KJ Apa desperately wants to be a daddy. Which is great, except he also wants all of his Riverdale cast-mates to call him "Daddy" too. 

Why? Well, if you follow KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse or any of their other Riverdale pals on social media, you'll notice they're pretty big fans of throwing around the word "Daddy".

Exhibit A:

So what is it? What does it mean? Why does everyone - even the women - want to be one?

A "Daddy" is basically another name for a very attractive older man, but the Riverdale crew have adopted it for themselves to start the "Daddy wars", in which all of the cast are argue over who's "daddy" or not. 

They've done it so much and on such public platforms that it's become something they get asked about by media in interviews.

KJ told TooFab: "It started as a personal joke between Camila [Mendes] and I, because all of the girls on the show are obsessed with older men - 'Daddies'. And I realised you can only be a 'Daddy' once you're like 26, have a beard and [are] kind of rugged and I'm literally not that, so I'm trying to earn it from the girls and gain that title since the new goal in life is to be called 'Daddy.'"

When in Rome (or Riverdale) right? #SquadGoals