Kiwi socialite suffered breast implant poisoning

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 3:51PM
Michaiah Simmons- Villari. Photo / NZ Herald
Michaiah Simmons- Villari. Photo / NZ Herald

Michaiah Simmons-Villari lived the high life but has recently suffered a life-threatening illness.

Today Michaiah made a public Facebook post about her breast implant poisoning.

She started off saying she is a “little nervous putting this out there but I believe it is information that everyone considering getting implants needs! Two weeks ago I went in for surgery to have my breast implants removed - a 10 year old decision I have come to regret.”

“I went under the knife 10 years ago as I grew up with images of Pamela Anderson as my goal so after doing some research which all came back saying implants were safe and approved by the medical community I chose to get these new 'safe' silicone gel implants put in.”

She was the former girlfriend of party pill mogul Logan Millar.

Michaiah admits she was “suffering from Post Traumatic Stress from the suicide of my partner at the time and was dealing with heavy depression.”

“The bad health issues started when I was around 26-27 and I got shingles out of no where, then glandular fever which was very persistent, then chronic fatigue. Slowly I felt like I was falling apart.”

9 years and it's still one of the most painful days of the year for me. Suicide is never the answer - if your feeling depressed or like there is nothing in life worth living for I promise you it's not permanent no amount of pain is worth taking your life for. I can tell you from experience having come from deep depression myself and feeling like there was no reason to be here to continue living to meeting and marrying an amazing man and having several businesses and the most precious fur baby life can get better - nothing is permanent no matter how deep and dark it feels - I am here for anyone who needs someone to talk to, anyone who is in a dark space reach out to me or to friend or a family member you will be surprised at how many people do love you ❤️ #suicideisnottheanswer #zerosuicide #depressionisonlytemporary #onelove

A photo posted by Michaiah Simmons -DeluxeEvents (@michaiah.s) on Oct 2, 2016 at 4:32pm PDT

She is now married to Al Volo - Bar Pizzeria Cucina owner Luca Villari and is happier than ever.

“I had an amazing life and knew I shouldn't be feeling this way. I was engaged to an amazing man and had a lovely home and a couple of businesses. I kept doing my blood tests regularly and taking handfuls of vitamins and supplements every day just to keep myself going.

Husband 💙 #love #husband #happiness #hospicecharity

A photo posted by Michaiah Simmons -DeluxeEvents (@michaiah.s) on Oct 25, 2016 at 1:54pm PDT

“I was only 30 and my body felt like it was falling apart. I found it hard to be happy as I had this heaviness around me that I couldn't explain other than depression. I had problems with my mental clarity and would forget things even my friends and family names at times as the mental fog was so heavy. I kept a brave face on and didn't let on how bad I was suffering as I didn't want to seem ungrateful and really knew there was no reason to be feeling like this.”

After what felt like years of suffering and being a tough cookie, she “finally discovered Breast Implant Illness and everything I was dealing with started to fall into place and make sense. Finally there was a list of possible symptoms that matched everything I had.”

So good to see you my babe @pennyswan 💕 #ladieswholunch #babe #bff

A photo posted by Michaiah Simmons -DeluxeEvents (@michaiah.s) on Sep 29, 2016 at 7:39pm PDT

“I managed to secure an urgent surgery and have them removed and a lift done. Straight away the fog has lifted, I feel happier, I feel clearer than I have for 10 years, knee and back pain almost fully gone, no more bloated stomach, skin looks better and I have not even done my silicone detox yet.”

Michaiah now “urges everyone thinking about getting breast implants to think again. Is it worth risking your health and even your life for so called beauty? Yes women have died from their breast implants. There are alternatives such as lift or fat transplant. Do your research.”