Kiwi actress is besties with the devil

Spy with Ricardo Simich,
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Saturday, 23 January 2016, 2:52PM

Since she starred in Spartacus, LA-based Kiwi actress Lesley-Ann Brandt has come a long way in her six-year Hollywood slog. Tomorrow, her new US show Lucifer debuts on prime time on Fox after the premiere of the rebooted X-Files on the network.

It will premiere in New Zealand on TVNZ OnDemand tomorrow also.

Brandt stars as Mazikeen, best friend and confidante to the devil himself Lucifer Morningstar, played by EastEnders and Miranda star Tom Ellis. An excited Brandt, who is still filming final episodes of the show in Vancouver, told Spy she would be watching the premiere with cast and crew.

Craig Parker, Claire Chitham, Lesley Ann Brandt and Zoe Bell at the Film NZ event in Los Angeles. Photo / Fleur Saville

"Mazikeen [Maze] is the daughter of the Queen of the Underworld. I follow Lucifer to Los Angeles, as he leaves the gates of hell to open a bar called Lux and unleash hell on Earth. I am not a fan when he becomes friends with a detective and finds something I do not relate to at all - compassion."

So is Brandt ready for all the fandom?

"I am. I actually saw Rose McIvor in her iZombie character at Comic-Con in San Diego last year and I thought, 'gosh I will be doing that with Maze soon'."

It hasn't all been work for Brandt, though, as she married fellow actor, Chris Payne Gilbert in his home state of Vermont in September last year. Her best friend and fellow Kiwi expat actor, Reign star Craig Parker was one of the guests.