Keisha Castle-Hughes stars in X-rated movie

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 4 February 2017, 4:00PM
Mika Haka and Keisha Castle-Hughes.
Mika Haka and Keisha Castle-Hughes.

Next Wednesday the Aroha ’17 Film Festival, presented by the Mika Haka Foundation, will open with In the Morning, When the Sun Does Shine, a short film that serves as a prelude to an upcoming feature film from flamboyant artist Mika Haka.

The prelude stars Keisha Castle-Hughes and is written and directed by Haka, who also produced it with Castle-Hughes.

The film is an erotically charged tale where viewers will see Castle-Hughes like she’s never been seen before.

Shot in the privacy of the Mika Haka Studio in Auckland, it sees Castle-Hughes engaging in a provocative sexual act.

The film centres on a sex addict with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, as he attempts to escape from his boring daily existence in corporate life.

It s based on a song by Haka called In the Morning.

Haka tells Spy: “After many lunches between Auckland and LA, script revisions, lyrics and song trials, Keisha and I came up with this scenario as a first step towards our other goals.

“We believe limitations create art. When you have it all, you don’t work the same. Yes, a $10 million budget would have been nice, but not for this first work.

“This short film had to capture the tone, the feel, of what I see in future projects.”

When Spy  asked Haka about Castle-Hughes taking part in such a sexually charged movie, he said:  “I needed a woman who could convey a sexual strength and power.

“Her character is not subservient to anyone, she is in charge at all times. The really explicit scenes did not involve her.”

Castle-Hughes told Spy: “I trust Mika in his sincere approach and reasoning to the sexual content in the film.”