Keisha Castle-Hughes releasing rap song

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017, 11:33AM
Keisha Castle-Hughes. Photo / Instagram
Keisha Castle-Hughes. Photo / Instagram

After hitting the big time in Hollywood over the last few years (Star Wars, Game of Thrones), Keisha Castle-Hughes is making her musical debut.

Speaking to Woman’s Day,  the Kiwi star revealed she has battled with anxiety, depression and has bipolar tendencies.

One way she has learned to deal with it is by expressing herself though rap poetry.

Mental health and suicide are issues she expresses in her debut single In The Morning.

It’s a collaboration with her friend and entertainer Mika, which will premiere at the Aroha ’17 Festival of Ideas in Auckland on February 15.


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“It’s not a power ballad or a pop song” says Keisha. “It’s more like rap poetry.”

The Oscar nominee admits that she has always had a strong passion for music and in particular, hip-hop.

The first album she owned when she was just 5 years old was by rap group, NWA.

“I’d play it on my record player, which was supposed to be for bedtime stories. I have no idea how I got my hands on it… I’ve been heavily into rap ever since.”

Another topic that is raised in her song is sex.

“Kiwis are quite prudish when it comes to talking about sex.”

“It’s like mental health, really. We need to talk about it more and worry less about what other people think.”

We look forward to hearing In The Morning next week.


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