Karen Walker's Magic Hands

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016, 10:41PM
Karen Walker and Ari Seth Cohen. Photo / Instagram.
Karen Walker and Ari Seth Cohen. Photo / Instagram.

One of NZs favourite fashion designers, Karen Walker has released her new jewellery line and accompanying campaign uses very unique hand models.

Walker chose Phyllis Sue and Roberta Haze to model the range. Sue who is 93 year has played music on the piano, supported her weight on the yoga mat and been thrust in the air as a dancer for the Ballets Russes.  

 Sue shared some of her life story with Walker, who posted the video to her Instagram page.

Haze, 78 was an ‘infamous part girl’, stylist, professional dancer and spent five years as a Shark in West Side Story. She is also a great grandmother. 

The campaign was taken by LA-based Advanced Style photographer Ari Seth Cohen.

"Hands can be every bit as expressive as faces. These magic hands speak of a life well-lived and they absolutely have their own stories to tell. We are inspired by, and like working with, interesting, talented people and that’s what models Phyllis and Roberta, and Ari brought to the project." Walker told Viva magazine.

In the photos the women wear their own Karen Walker rings, as well as the arrow ring and filigree bands Walker is famous for. 

The women’s nails have been treated to a modern looking manicure, with bright red or black nail polish. Each finger is adorned with one or multiple rings.