John gets the Key to a Bentley

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 6 May 2017, 5:15PM

The high times are rolling for former PM and new Air NZ board member John Key, who has made up for losing a chauffeur-driven BMW Crown car by buying a Bentley. Key is understood to have recently made the purchase of his flash new wheels and chose the latest model Bentley Continental GT Coupe.

Key has chosen sexy black for his souped up version of the classic British luxury automobile, which has a price tag starting around $350,000.

The model has a very sensual shape, on which Key has been complimented while cruising through the mean streets of Parnell. When he and wife Bronagh take the new wheels up to Omaha, he will need to be careful when he puts the pedal to the metal: his twin turbo engines produce an awe-inspiring 530PS.

No word yet whether Key has joined the NZ Rolls Royce and Bentley Club, however other well-known Aucklanders known to have driven Bentleys are his former parliamentary colleague, John Banks, finance man Marc Lindale and property developer Andrew Krukziener. Celebrities who have rolled with Bentleys are Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton (hers was pink) and Jennifer Lopez.