Jerome Kaino lays down Survivor challenge to Joseph Parker

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 3:17PM
Jerome Kaino and Joseph Parker. Photos / Instagram
Jerome Kaino and Joseph Parker. Photos / Instagram

TVNZ’s new Survivor show is bringing out the competitive streak in people – both on and off screen.

Kiwi sporting celebrities, All Black Jerome Kaino and professional boxer Joseph Parker, have been egging each other on taste test some creepy crawlies.

In a Facebook post promoting the show, TVNZ asked fans if they were stranded on a desert island, would they rather eat a tarantula, centipede, cricket or scorpion.

Kaino starts the cheeky chat with, “You been hitting the tarantulas pre-fight Joseph Parker?”

Parker then fires back: “Doubt it uce, you keen? 😂😂 A turbocharge to get you back on the paddock sooner.”

The pair continued to joke back and forth, with other Survivor fans joining in, before Jerome declared: “Game on brother.”

Sounds like this challenge just got accepted!