Jay-Jay’s comeback ‘is going to be a really long process’

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Thursday, 3 November 2016, 10:42AM
Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram
Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram

Dominic Harvey says his wife Jay-Jay “doesn’t want to see anyone or do anything” as she continues her latest battle with depression.

The prominent radio DJ also says his morning co-host might not be back on air before Christmas and says her latest bout is the worst yet.  

Dom announced last week that wife Jay-Jay was taking some off work due to some serious health issues around her depression.

“Last week we found Jay-Jay in one of the toilet cubicles crying … she’s had one these breakdowns before and she’s a sufferer of depression and after all our years together I’ve never seen her have one as bad as what this one was and is,” he told listeners during yesterday’s broadcast.

“Since then there has been a lot of well wishes, and there has been a lot of sleeping and spontaneous crying. And actually yesterday was the first day she didn’t cry. Also a lot of alone time, she’s getting a lot of texts from family and friends and she just doesn’t want to see anyone or do anything.”

“Every little decision, like whether or not to shower when you get out of bed, and what to wear and what to eat, just feels like it takes a lot of energy to make these little decisions.”

“So she’s been to the doctor and she was already on some antidepressants and in the past they made her feel better so she probably felt like she was better, where in some ways I think it was just the medication doing its job. So now she’s on some more powerful stuff and she realises she needs to make some bigger changes to her life to address this thing, the black dog.”

“She went for a walk yesterday, and she had her biggest meal on Monday night, like a whole feed of fish and chips so she’s slowly getting better but it’s going to be a really long process.”

“Another thing with Jay-Jay is that she’s a real people pleaser … and she feels like she has to respond to everyone and I’ve had to say, ‘listen, you can’t worry about that, these people are your friends that are texting you so they’ll understand if they don’t get a reply.’”

Dom said he told her: “’The doctor says you need to get some exercise and fresh air,’ and she says, ‘I just don’t have time for that,’ and I’m like, ‘Obama has got time to exercise, we can make this happen.’”

“She might be back before Christmas; we don’t really want to put a date on it. The most important thing is getting her well and happy again and beating this thing.”

Dinner date. Celebrating the release of her brand new book today #Lifeontheedge

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