Jay-Jay Harvey left husband Dom for nearly a year

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 10:39AM
Dom and Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram
Dom and Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram

Radio host Jay-Jay Harvey has revealed that she left her husband and radio co-host Dom earlier this year.

The high profile couple worked hard to keep the separation a secret for nine months continuing to make regular public appearances together.

Harvey moved out of the family home where the couple are raising her 11-year-old nephew because she could feel a “depressive episode coming on.”

Speaking to Woman’s Day this week she said, “when I get stressed, I need to be alone. I need to get away from everyone and everything.”

SPY had heard rumours of the radio couple’s separation earlier this year but it has taken until now for the stories to be confirmed.

Harvey announced on her breakfast radio show this week that, “Dom and I separated for a few months this year”. During their nearly year-long separation Harvey is believed to have been focused on writing her upcoming biography.

The book, titled Life on the Edge, will now have a happy ending as the couple have reconciled their differences, although Dom told the magazine it has not been easy.

“It was a confusing time – and it’s still confusing now,” he said.

One week to go!!! #LifeOnTheEdge

A photo posted by Jay-Jay Harvey (@jayjayharveynz) on Sep 24, 2016 at 2:22am PDT

The couple have had a few rocky patches in their relationship over their 12 years of marriage including IVF struggles.

To announce their separation, reconciliation and  promote her new book, Life on The Edge the Harvey’s stripped down and in a ‘bare all’ photo shoot.

“We’re back together now,” Jay-Jay said, before adding, “I’ve never seen anything so porno in Woman’s Day in my entire life.”