Jay-Jay Harvey goes off-air following depressive episode

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Thursday, 27 October 2016, 5:08PM
Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram
Jay-Jay Harvey. Photo / Instagram

Jay-Jay Harvey disappeared from her morning radio show yesterday morning and hasn’t returned since.

This morning, co-hosts Clinton Randall husband Dom Harvey opened up about her mysterious disappearance.

“It’s probably time to address the elephant in the room, what is up with Jay-Jay... She was here with us yesterday morning and then mysteriously mid-show she just disappeared.

“It’s quite common for Jay-Jay to be in the kitchen or to go to the loo and then miss the beginning of a voice break and there’s about eight security doors to get back into the studio.

“It turns out Jay-Jay was in one of the toilet cubicles crying at the time,” the hosts explained.

“Jay-Jay is a sufferer of depression and exhaustion I guess as well. She takes a lot on and she gets to the point where things can get a little bit too much,” said Dom, who said there was “a lot of family stuff going on” in their lives.  

“Jay-Jay is like a computer that when she reaches a point when there are too many things open, it just sort of shuts down.”

Harvey addressed her depression in her latest book Life on the Edge, writing that she shares herself until she bursts. “And when that happens I become a complete and utter mess and am no use to anyone.”

Dom said he wasn’t sure how long his wife would be away from the show, stating it could be anything from a day to a week or even longer.

 “We will give her all of the support and time she needs.”

Out for dinner and the waitress just asked us, "are you brother and sister?"

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