James Arthur pranks South Island radio station

Spy News,
Publish Date
Friday, 25 November 2016, 3:59PM

ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan had a bit of fun with musician James Arthur this morning, getting him to call a random radio station to request his no. 1 hit song Say You Won’t Let Go.

Port FM’s host in Timaru got a big surprise when he picked up  the phone and the real James Arthur was on the line requesting his own track.

The announcer says yeah “it’s a great tune, what’s your name mate?”

“It’s James Arthur and I just really love my own music” Arthur says.

Port FM’s host replies “I realise he’s in the country but that’s a bit f***g far-fetched.”

James insisted: “It is me and I know it’s a bit narcissistic requesting my own song but what else is there at the moment, everything else is a bit shit isn’t it.”

Watch the full video here for a laugh.