Is Toni Street leaving Seven Sharp?

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 4:12PM
Toni Street. Photo / Supplied
Toni Street. Photo / Supplied

TVNZ host Toni Street has quit Seven Sharp. At least, that’s the headline on the programme’s Facebook page this afternoon.

The post tells viewers: “We are sad to announce that Toni Street has made the decision to leave her job as host of Seven Sharp. ‘The long hours and time away from my family is too much,’ says the popular presenter.”

However, it’s not true. Rather, it’s part of an elaborate ploy to see if people actually read stories before sharing them.

Those that click the link to the ‘FULL STORY’ will find themselves redirected to Seven Sharp’s website and the message: “This is a fake news story to test whether people read stories before sharing them.”

Fake news is a trending topic at the moment, following the US election, with allegations that fake news stories helped Trump win the election.

It’s a topic Tim Wilson is keen to explore further, putting Kiwis to the test.  

And it seems many have fallen for the stunt, with hundreds of people reacting to the post and sending messages of support to Toni.

While it is true that Toni won’t be on the show tonight, her absence is only temporary. The popular presenter is in Sydney to interview Justin Timberlake.