Is this what The Bach's white rose does?

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Monday, 20 March 2017, 8:13AM

It was the night's big talking point.

No, not how sick the new Bachelor star, Zac Franich, looked as he met the 19 Bachelorettes he's set to date all at the same time over the coming weeks.

We're talking about that white rose he clutched firmly with two hands while wandering around his first cocktail party.

The Bachelor Zac Franich with that white rose. Photo/Three

It's the first time a white rose has been used in The Bachelor NZ and producers are yet to explain how it works.

But in overseas versions of the show, a white rose has symbolised immunity for two elimination cycles, or that the bearer has her own private cocktail area to use with The Bachelor as they wish.

Zac Franich with Viarni and that white rose. Photo/Three

Ahead of tonight's first elimination ceremony, which will see three girls sent home, many are wondering what it means.

"That rose is freaking me out a little bit," said one of the Bachelorettes.

Twitter and Facebook users agreed, with one saying: "Maybe they get a one on one date with him?"