Is this the weirdest thing Lorde's ever done?

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Friday, 18 August 2017, 2:44PM
Lorde just hit peak witch-vibes. Photo / Vevo
Lorde just hit peak witch-vibes. Photo / Vevo

Lorde has long played into the "witch" ideal and aesthetic, but never more so than in her latest series of videos. 

The Kiwi pop star, known for her dark makeup, witchy clothes and eclectic dance moves released a series of clips with Vevo, re-imagining some of the tracks from her latest album Melodrama

And man, is it weird.

She's essentially gathered a badass coven, lit a bunch of candles in a secret cave-like venue and gathered for some chanting.

In a few of the clips she's even wearing a weird baptism-esque white frock ensemble.

All we're missing is a blood sacrifice. Where's Wes Craven when you need him? 

It may be the weirdest thing she's done yet, but it totally plays into that whole witch thing, and we're digging it. 

She's also done clips for her songs: Supercut, Homemade Dynamite, Writer in the Dark and The Louvre. You can catch them all here.