Is this Jase's cruelest prank ever?

Spy News,
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 9:49AM

Fans of ZM's Jase and PJ will know Jase loves nothing more than to taunt his lovely co-host, regularly embarrassing her on-air and in public.

And after surviving last week's 52-hour marathon broadcast, you might think Jase would be happy to take it easy this week. But you'd be wrong. 

Instead, he was straight into another stunt, posting a particularly unflattering photo of PJ on not one but two giant electronic billboards. 

To make matters worse, the photo was taken by PJ's boyfriend, Aussie Romance Michael Batty. Batty took the photo just hours after PJ finished the marathon broadcast, posting it to social media. 

Very proud of this little one! ❤️😘 #AllTuckeredOut #52HourShow #JaseAndPJ

A photo posted by Michael Batty (@mbatty23) on Aug 26, 2016 at 1:51am PDT


As Jase teased the reveal on-air, he asked PJ: "Wouldn't you agree, the world deserves to see how you sleep?"

To which a horrified PJ replied: "No!"

A distressed PJ began shouting, "not the billboard, not the billboard", while Jase cackled with glee.