Hurricanes’ post-match fizzer

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 5 August 2017, 5:18PM
A very exciting-looking Hurricanes hotel room party.
A very exciting-looking Hurricanes hotel room party.

News isn’t yet to hand on the celebrations of the winners and losers of the Super Rugby final between the Crusaders and the Lions in Johannesburg early today, but we hope the boys have a better party than the Hurricanes did last week.

The 2016 Super Rugby winners didn’t have a flash night at Ellis Park, but back at the hotel a party was brewing — well not quite.

At the Hurricanes luxury hotel, the Southern Sun Montecasino, Bam (Ben) May, 34, posted a cringeworthy Instagram story that would have garnered even more sympathy for the team. In a hotel room with several down-and-out Hurricanes players sitting around, Bam says in a quintessentially sarcastic Kiwi way: “Great team piss-up.” His team-mates nod to him with as they sip their beers, almost in slow motion.

He then posted a follow-up where the party took off as much as it could. One player was trying to liven things up by drinking in the bath, while another ordered four dozen Coronas on the hotel phone.

In happier Hurricanes’ news, star player Beauden Barrett and girlfriend Hannah Laity added to their family this week. Joining their all-black Miniature Schnauzer Monty was a puppy of the same breed they have named Blue Barrett. With that name he will be most welcome at Auckland Super Rugby games.