Housewife fires back with the power of an AK-47

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016, 10:51PM
Gilda Kirkpatrick, Dominic Bowden and Michelle Blanchard. Photo / Facebook.
Gilda Kirkpatrick, Dominic Bowden and Michelle Blanchard. Photo / Facebook.

After a successful first episode, the Real Housewives of Auckland notched things up another gear.

Angela Stone stirred things up in the dinner party held by ex-model Michelle Blanchard. After having her energy daggers removed, Stone fired a few back at fellow housewife, Gilda Kirkpatrick.

Unfortunately for Stone, she was up against a formidable opponent. Kirkpatrick fired out some fabulous lines: "I don't care about your bullsh*t demeanour and your gossipy character and your fake smile and your eyes boop-boop-boop," said Gilda.

"Listen, I don't want to be your friend, alright? You'll never be invited into my house, you are never going to be considered a friend of mine."

But the social media favourite line of the night was "Do you know what I heard about you?" says Gilda. "Not a f****** thing."

Blanchard wrapped up the episode by telling the other women that Stone will never fit in the social scene as "this is Gilda's town." 


Amazing book launch Gilda 👍🏿👏🏿

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Afterwards, a live Q&A on Facebook saw Kirkpatrick and Blanchard answer fans questions. The question everyone wanted answered was just what was said during what may have been the longest bleep-out in NZ television history.

When questioned about Stone's bleep, Kirkpatrick replied, "It was like she had opened her mouth and vomited on the table".

Bowden then tried to stir things up by getting the girls to talk about Anne Batley Burton's cat fundraiser parties, but the classy women wouldn't rise to the bait, with Kirkpatrick referring to them as kittens. 

Bowden takes a break from the housewives and will be on the Working Style catwalk tomorrow at NZFW. This week he flies out to interview stars at the 2016 MTV VMAs which will be held on August 28.

Kirkpatrick and Blanchard are expected to add even more glamour when they attend NZFW later in the week.

Anne Batley Burton and Julia Sloane will be in the Q&A hot seats after next week's episode which airs on Tuesday.