Hilary praises mag for not air-brushing her wrinkles

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017, 3:01PM
Hilary Barry. Photo / Instagram
Hilary Barry. Photo / Instagram

Mother of the nation, Hilary Barry has spoken out praising The Australian Women’s Weekly for not airbrushing her latest cover shot. 

On social media, Barry shared her cover image saying:

“Congratulations to the lovely team at @awwmagazine for putting a woman over 45 on the cover and not airbrushing her wrinkles."
“I love and embrace every one of those lines; etched into my face from both laughter and tears (but mostly laughter.) Let's love our wrinkles together ❤️”

We love those lines too Hilary!

The article talks about raising her two teenage boys, her time at Mediaworks and how she’s related to the leader of the British Suffragrettes, Emmeline Pankhurst.