Has Lorde’s Instagram been hacked?

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Thursday, 22 June 2017, 11:07AM
Lorde. Photo / Getty
Lorde. Photo / Getty

A weird series of random comments from Lorde’s real Instagram account have shown up on a picture recently.

Former model and TV personality Anna Reeve (who is married to Radio Host Jay Reeve) posted an Insta story saying she randomly had comments on a picture of hers with weird codes and symbols from Lorde (lordemusic).

Anna says “lol but not lol… but I think Lorde has been hacked, cos there’s a bunch of weird comments from her… like six of them on a picture of my nails.”

Here is the Instagram of Anna’s nails that Lorde commented on.


It is unlike Lorde to post such strange things so we fear she may have been hacked.

Lorde has not yet confirmed if she was hacked or not, or if it’s some sort of social media glitch.

Pretty weird though right?