Graham Norton’s Travel WAG

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Sunday, 25 September 2016, 9:16AM
Graham Norton loving his new Travel Wags dog bag. Photo / Supplied
Graham Norton loving his new Travel Wags dog bag. Photo / Supplied

Sarah Hall was regarded as one of New Zealand’s best newshounds during her time reporting for 60 Minutes.

And life has gone to the dogs — literally, and in a good way, since she signed off from current affairs; launching a new business, Travel Wags, which offers dog-walking and weekend bags for owners of four-legged companions.

And it’s not just Kiwi dog owners lapping up Travel Wags. British TV talkshow host Graham Norton — the owner of two dogs, Bailey and Madge, is also a convert.

Norton was alerted to Travel Wags after some intrepid work by one of Hall’s former TV3’s colleagues Jesse Peach, who is now London-based and working for ITV.

“Several months ago my dear friend Jesse Peach asked me, if I could get my Travel Wags bag to one celebrity in England, who would it be?” Hall told Spy. Her choice was Norton.

Peach promised no matter what or how, that Norton would get a bag.

“Just a month later, eight weeks after we launched Travel Wags, Jesse emailed me a picture — he interviewed Graham Norton last week. Afterwards he told him how much I loved dogs and how much I admired him, and would he accept my gift. Not only did he accept the gift but Graham insisted on having his photo taken with it to send back to me.

“Obviously we are very grateful and humbled that he would do this for us and I think it just shows that he has true generosity of spirit — Bailey and Madge are lucky to have him as their dad!”

Travel Wags wrote to Norton’s favourite dog charity, the Dogs Trust in the UK, offering to donate several of their weekend tote bags so when the dogs are adopted they go home with their very own Travel Wags bag. Nice touch