Getting personal with Bill and Jacinda

Ricardo Simich,
Spy News,
Publish Date
Saturday, 16 September 2017, 4:27PM
Jacinda and Bill.
Jacinda and Bill.

1: Who or what is your favourite Kiwi musician/band?

Bill English: Split Enz, and also enjoy modern New Zealand choral singing.

Jacinda Ardern: I feel like you have just asked me to name my favourite family member. I’ve always been a huge fan of Shapeshifter, hugely admire Lorde, and my last kiwi gig was Aldous Harding. She was phenomenal.

2: What is your favourite New Zealand TV show?

B: I’m never really home in time to watch NZ content but I’ve seen bits and pieces of Outrageous Fortune which are very funny.

J: I am going to make a prediction that it’s going to be New Zealand’s version of MAFS. The very first Australian season was hard to tear yourself away from.

3: What is your all-time favourite NZ movie and why?

B: The Dark Horse. Unexpectedly inspiring and Hunt for the Wilderpeople which deals with difficult issues in a warm way.

J: The Dark Horse. It’s just such a gut-wrenching story. The producers told me once that one of Oprah’s movies was the inspiration for making The Dark Horse – so I tried to give her a copy when she came to new Zealand. I have no idea if she ever watched it!

4: What reality show would you appear in and why?

B: The Block. Good straightforward Kiwis getting ahead

J: During our home reno, Clarke and I joked about what we would be like on The Block….and whether our relationship would last!

5: Who is your favourite NZ celebrity?

B: Nadia Lim

J: Clarke. And he is going to hate that I just called him that.

6: Who is your favourite sporting achiever in NZ?

B: Richie McCaw for his professionalism, excellence and his endurance.

J: The entire Black Ferns. They do us so proud.

7: What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have done in politics that you can look back and laugh about now?

B: Copped a bit of flack for the delayed posting of a photo of Mary and me on Mission Bay beach, because the weather drastically turned sour in the time it took to post! But not a cringe.

J: There is almost no dignity in politics! Literally the most cringeworthy thing was sitting in a tub of ice for 5 minutes for charity. Though totally worth it.

8: Tell us where you think the best place in Auckland is to show off the city?

B: I regularly go up to the Auckland Museum for exercise and it’s a great view from up the top there in the early morning. And from the tall office blocks, the city and harbour are spectacular.

J: Coyle Park, in Pt Chev, is in my neighbourhood. You can walk down from there to the sea, still see the city, but feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle.